UniCredit Factoring makes available to corporate clients a complete and structured range of services and products able to satisfy varying financial requirements. The offered instruments are able to satisfy in one single solution all of the clients’ operational, solvency and financing needs, in a perspective of credit management, credit risk monitoring and advisory services aiming to improve working capital’s efficiency

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  • With Recourse

    To receive prompt management of your receivables

    Management and fast credit collection, with prompt reduction of costs and administrative charges.

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  • Non Recourse

    To secure from the insolvency risk of the debtors

    Credit guaranteed with assigned receivables solvency valuation.

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    Confirming and Reverse

    Support to the Supply Chain

    Working capital optimization thanks to a digital platform dedicated to the supply chain.

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  • True Sale of Receivables

    To improve your company’s balance-sheet ratios

    Purchase of receivables, 100%-assigned, with faculty for companies to derecognize financial assets transferred.

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  • Receivables from Public Entities

    Prompt management of Public Administration receivables

    Management, with professional valuation, of receivables claimed from Public Agencies.

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  • Import - Export Factoring

    To expand the boundaries of your company

    Management of receivables for companies operating in foreign markets.

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  • VAT Receivables

    Prompt and qualified management of VAT receivables

    To obtain advance payments of the amount for the VAT refunds claimed.

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  • Receivables from Direct Taxes

    Speedy and professional management of tax credits

    Management of matured receivables claimed from the Tax Authority.

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  • Receivables Ministerial Decree 6th July 2012

    Incentives linked to the production of renewable energy

    Management of receivables referring to the incentives provided by the GSE for the energy produced through plants using renewable sources.

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  • Maturity

    The solution for regularizing cash flows

    For the Assignor: certain cash flows and prompt payments. For the Supplier: deferred payment terms.

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  • Advance on Future Receivables

    To factor an amount of receivables not yet arisen

    Factoring of receivables not yet arisen to facilitate the execution of contracts already signed with customers

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  • Energy Efficiency Certificates (Certificati Bianchi)

    To factor the receivables from Energy Efficiency Certificates (Certificati Bianchi)

    Factoring of "Certificati Bianchi" recognised by Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) in order to achieve energy efficiency objectives

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  • Payment on Maturity

    To optimize treasury and cash flows of supply chains

    Respect of payment deadlines with the possibility to get extended payment terms

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  • Energy Re-Qualification for Condos

    To factor the tax credit arising from expenses induced by condos for renovation works

    Acceleration of the collection of tax credits that companies received from condos for energy efficiency works or anti-seismic works

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